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M  O  I  R  A  I     E  P

With her Moirai EP, Delhia de France debuts her solo project on Trees&Cyborgs.

Driven by Delhia’s inimitable voice - an instrument that effortlessly shape-shifts from ethereal to heart wrenching- the Moirai EP showcases Delhia’s talents as a skillful writer, producer and performer.

She crafted these melancholic and hypnotic songs mainly her own, calling on co-production from long time collaborator and musical accomplice Robot Koch for "Blank" and "Moirai's Choir" choir and a collaboration on "Hypnos" and "Waterfalls". The latter together with grammy-winning producer Lester Mendez.

Koch and Delhia have a special magic when working together and the last few years have seen them place songs in major TV, film and advertising campaigns.

Known for her acclaimed work with media art/pop band Pentatones and a back catalogue of collaborations that reads like the who’s-who of underground electronic dance music, Delhia de France has been forging her solo career between Berlin and LA over the last 2 years.

The mystical title of the EP refers to the Moirai, the greek goddesses of fate, weaving Mankind’s inescapable destiny. For Delhia, these three goddess sisters represent the divine feminine power and energies; a theme resonating especially in the light of rising female empowerment

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