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The Big Now Remix Competition

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Remix Challenge in Cooperation with Native Instruments!!​

it was hard to decide on a winner, there were so many good ones! but we had to choose one.

this is our winner:

we chose the henrik harrell remix because he combines good mixing qualities with interesting harmonic ideas and overall solid production.

some of the other remixes either sounded great but were lacking ideas, others had great ideas but sounded way overcompressed in the mix or were just underdeveloped sketches, so we made our descission based on who nailed both the mix and the writing part.

below are the other remixes we really enjoyed, with our feedback below each remix.

really good. almost our fave, but then this dubstep/EDM drop kinda killed it for us. everything else was great! we loved the depeche mode type chord progression in the verses, really well done!

Great job in the drum department, keys sound dope too. We feel the track doesn’t quite connect with the vocal tho, and there’s a little too much going on arrangement wise. But overall definitely thumbs up!

love the downtemp triphop feel here. reminds of the days of kurder and dorfmeister. nicely done!

really great sketch, super hooky. wish this was a full remix and not just an unfinished sketch. finish it man!

Diggin the Synth here. Overall it doesn`t develop enough, the synth could use a break somewhere. it´s kinda hypnotic but also too undynamic for our taste.

really dope trailer friendly remix! we`d have some comments on the mix. please get in touch! great harmonies and sounds here, felt this one. the beat is not quite as much on point as all the harmonic stuff. but overall really good!

LOVE this one, again, we could choose only one winner but this one is special, wish the beat sounded a bit more organic as eveything else is so warm.

lovely warm remix, could take a bath in it. one of the runner`s up remixes for us. some harmonies are a bit off with the vocals but the vibe is all there.

great club mix, not loving the slowed down vocals tho.

less vocals could have been more here.

like the overall idea, some of the drums are not up my alley but i really like a lot of ideas in this one!

really dope downtemp mix, was hard to decide with all these great mixes, this one was a runner`s up for sure

love the saturated drums here, really well done! also one of ours faves! if only we could choose more than one winner...

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