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Planetarium Show announced

Award-winning German composer and Red Bull Music Academy alum Robot Koch joins forces with visual artist Mickael Le Goff to present Sphere at Red Bull Music Festival. The audiovisual show designed especially for planetariums will take the audience on a trip through space and time, oscillating between dark, synth-driven science-fiction moments and blissful suspension, carried by lush string arrangements. The immersive full-dome show will feature custom projection visuals and music composed specifically for a 3D sound environment. Performing alongside Koch will be two Academy participants: Dublin’s J Colleran, whose dreamlike soundscapes explore the fluidity between the organic and the inorganic, and Istanbul’s Akkor, whose dark, electroacoustic suites take on a new dimension live. Join us on a journey into the unknown at the world premiere of Sphere at Zeiss Planetarium.

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