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Robot Koch on the creative process behind Sphere

The award-winning producer and composer known as Robot Koch has been intrigued with the relationships between space and sound since a young age. Today his compositions continue to explore those relationships, often incorporating both immediate, dry sounds and large, reverberant spaces.

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“I’m very particular about how much space there is around the sound, how much space there is in the song, and how much space I give the sounds in relation to each other”, says Koch.

The artist’s engaging sonic creations – which mix electronic and organic elements – have made him an in-demand composer, remixer, performer, and producer, for nearly two decades. He has released several of his own albums, toured extensively across the globe, produced and remixed numerous tracks, and contributed to multiple films and TV shows, including NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’.

Recently, he has set out in yet another new direction. In collaboration with filmmaker Mickael Le Goff, Koch embarked on an innovative audiovisual project for the Red Bull Music Academy.

Koch’s work with Le Goff has resulted in an immersive planetarium show called Sphere that premiered in Berlin’s Zeiss-Grossplanetarium on October 8th. The full-dome show was designed to transport the audience through space and time using custom projection visuals and atmospheric music, presented in a 3D sound environment.

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